Green Eyed Monster

I never saw eyes so green in my whole life

Green green like velveteen moss after the rains fall

Wise like the mighty old oak where I sheltered

Protected and cool in the youth speckled shade


Dark green like the mystery ship in the bottle

My father placed on the mantelpiece

Inside with its sails billowed fiercely yet silent

Not creaking a sound or dividing the waves


Shimmering green as the lake I once drowned in

Immersed in deceptive black emerald depths

Out of my depth as the green swirled above me

Tranquil and cool as I ceased to exist


Green as the dusk scented pines in the forest

The hooves echoed soft on the well worn trail

Faster, faster, escaping the shadows

The eyes judging speed from their leafy space.


Green as the jewel which she wore on her finger

Jaded and beautiful just like her soul

Tenderly wrapping me up with her fingers

A love tainted green from before I was born.

I never saw eyes so green in my whole life