Google + Twitter = Love

With the news last week that Twitter has inked a deal with Google to embed tweets into search engine results, digital marketers like myself are pretty excited! The search engine giant plus the social media giant are getting together and it looks like Google + Twitter = Love 🙂 

Google + Twitter Sitting In a Tree…

Twitter is huge, it has around 284 million active monthly users busily tweeting away each day. Many tweet socially but more and more businesses have adopted Twitter as a major part of their marketing strategy. Google, meanwhile, is reported to have around 800 million active users per month although many speculate that the figure could be higher. The collaboration between Google + Twitter will take place in the 2nd half of 2015 and engineers are already working hard to make it happen. In fact, it’s been a productive week for Twitter who also struck a deal with Yahoo and Flipboard to promote tweets on their sites too.

What Does Google + Twitter Mean?

Basically the collaboration between Google and Twitter will mean that internet users searching for a topic will see tweets included in their search results. For marketers this extends their Twitter activity reach monumentally because it will not just be your followers or indeed the Twitter community who will see your messages.

1. Enhanced and updated content for Google users

2. More opportunities for Twitter to engage non users

3. Additional online exposure for Twitter marketers

It is unclear yet how the Twitter results will be filtered into the Google search engine results. Will it be ranked by Twitter account popularity? Will they be shown by virality (eg the number of times a tweet was shared) and will they be prioritised over websites discussing the same topics? How will Google prevent the first 100 SERP (search engine results pages) being filled up with tweets?

One thing is for sure… using hashtags, tweeting regularly and employing your brand’s keywords have never been so important!

Google + Twitter I can’t wait … how about you? Tweet me @charli_says