3 Free Ways To Promote Your Blog

You’ve created your blog, you’re regularly adding articles to it. You’re done right?  Actually no, you’re not even 10% done and this is where many businesses come unstuck. Whilst creating great content is essential to the success of your blog; marketing it and creating virality and traffic are the parts that actually make your blog perform. Here are 3 free ways to promote your blog.

  1. Write An Influencer Roundup

There are many influencers in the content and social media marketing world and these guys have some serious clout when it comes to pulling traffic. Choose a topic like Tung Tran did here in his article 74 Online Marketing Experts Reveal The Best Keyword Research Tools. You can view my contribution here. Next, invite a number of influencers to contribute to your article. You can check out my article on finding influencers over at AgoraPulse.

You will need to be accurate and organised but the results can be phenomenal. If you can reel in some top influencers and publish their tips then it’s likely they will share your article. Boom! More web traffic, more shares, more followers.

TIP- Take your time to collate your information and ensure you add a link to the influencer’s own blog or social media page to sweeten the pot.

  1. Give Constructive Feedback on Other Blogs

Generic comments followed by a link to your blog are spam. Please don’t do this. Not only will spammy comments devalue the quality of your blog, but they may also hurt your blog’s SEO ranking. Remember, Google hates spam! Many bloggers are afraid to leave positive comments on the blogs or social pages of others whom they may consider to be competitors. In actual fact, this is one of the best things you can do. Understand that the content and social media marketing world is one big community and the members of that community can really help each other out.

If you don’t leave comments on blogs, then try retweeting content from other blogs. Not only does this credit the author, it also boosts the value of your own Twitter feed. Check out this great example from AgoraPulse which makes a habit of crediting writers for their work and therefore increases virality around their own blog and Twitter handle.

TIP- You will quickly learn who gives back and a mention of your blog’s name, even without the link improves brand recognition by both search engines and a wider audience.

  1. Your Signature & Bio

If you are blogging on other sites, then one surefire way to get more exposure for your own blog is to work on your signature and bio. I prefer to use the same standard bio for all my sites. This maintains consistency and brand recognition. Yes you can and should brand yourself. Your bio should include information about you as a professional, perhaps a few fun facts but certainly a link back to your blog. I can promise you that a substantial number of my clients have found me via the blog link on my guest posts.

Think of all the places you should apply your signature and bio. This may be on your Linkedin articles, blog posts, email signatures, guest posts and forum comments.  This move ensures that everyone you correspond with has your blog’s URL to check out for themselves.

TIP– Check out Gravatar, a programme which allows your image and bio to appear next to any article your post across the web. You can view my Gravatar below.

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