Fragments of Her

They eyed her, wandering abandoned in the darkness

She, a guiding light where the two paths merged

Their white princess, leader of the sacred armies

Naked feet tenderly absorbing the ferny floor

And as a dappled deer she sensed her fragility

The feathery touch of the breeze told her they had come

It grazed her cheek sending soft hairs spiraling skyward

While their watchful hush loomed as a heady perfume

Gleeful as she caught the roots of an old oak and fell

Tumbling downward and downward to a bleak wonderland

Stopping with a numbed thud on the hard foreign soil

And then she saw them, she looked and she really saw them

Jackal like, stepping forward, each more daring than the next

And for a fragment of time she pitied them their malice

Before they shattered the delicate fragments of her

A spectrum of rainbow shards and glitter flecks from her aspect

Suspended and floating in the tranquil air before they fell

A frenzy of teeth and stars until there was nothing left

Crushed to lifeless powder beneath them as they departed

The fragments of her.