He kept the long ago wrapped in the softest tissue paper

Now his hands gingerly opened the faded velvet fold

A fragile petal corpse, shriveled inside her snowy coffin

Her veiny amethyst colour truly once was azure bold

A salty tear will not wake the sleeping beauty in his palm

No bigger than his thumbnail yet bigger than his world

She was charming once, dancing in the wild summer verge

Picked from love but now she lies her brittle leaves are curled

“It’s a forget me not” she laughed, kaleidoscope eyes darting to his

“It’s so you don’t forget me” and she smiled and placed it in his hand

Echoes of sepia June laughter washed over the tiny flower

As she basked in their romance and the warmth of soft summer tans

But the evenings drew in and the mountain breeze parted them

With promises of calls and love letters that never came

That tiny blue flower, if she spoke would whisper

Forget-me-not because I do still feel the same