Facebook- What’s New In 2015?

Facebook is constantly changing and if you are involved in social media marketing then you need to be aware of what changed so you can use it to benefit your brand. 2014 saw some pretty awesome changes and 2015 is going to give us a load more so with that in mind read Facebook-What’s New In 2015?


Introduced in 2013, the Graph search from Facebook was designed to allow you and your customers to use simple phrases to search for people, places, and things. For example recruiters could search “English speakers in China”. In Facebook’s latest update, you can easily get to a specific video, post, article or perhaps a photo from a special event without scrolling through timelines (we all know how much some people post!). The update will be available on Facebook for iPhone in addition to desktop.


In January 2014 Facebook introduced Trending to help people to discover timely and relevant conversations for news, topics and people they are interested in. From a business and branding perspective it helped us to keep a close eye on topics we needed to hone in on. In 2015 trending will support mobile, allowing the 399 million “mobile only” Facebook users to join in the fun.


Whether you, as a social media manager are looking to increase sales, gain fans or boost registrations it is essential that you strive to reach more people from your Facebook page. Facebook has now created new tools for publishers making it easier to target the relevant audiences you need for your posts and business objectives. Those familiar with Facebook advertising will be aware of the “behaviours” demographic. This is similar but for posts. Watch out for the feature coming to worldwide pages throughout 2015.


YAY we love insights and now we can see how our pages and social plugins drive traffic to websites. Facebook has added a new Top URLs section that displays URL-level reports so we can see when other pages or users share a url. This means we can distinguish between our own page efforts to drive traffic and influencer efforts.


I’m so happy about this one… thank you Facebook! The new post end date feature allows Page admins to specify a day and time to stop showing a post in users’ News Feeds. This is awesome for those of us running time sensitive competitions or offers or for those wishing happy holidays or commenting on today’s weather or news. This update will be rolled out globally at the beginning of 2015.

Which feature are you most excited about? Tweet me @charli_says and let me now!