Essential Social Media Tools for the Wedding Industry

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If you’re working in the wedding industry then you already know that social media is a key part of your marketing efforts. Social media spreads the word, helps you build relationships, connects you with others in the same industry and showcases your services to attract new clients.

Whether you are a cake designer, wedding planner, caterer, photographer or makeup artist, it’s important that you utilize the best social media tools to help you succeed. We know you’re busy working on your business so we have picked out the most time efficient tools that really work!

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Marketing for the wedding industry is all about visuals. Whether you are promoting your photography services or styling wedding hair, the photos are going to sell your services. The Facebook Slideshow tool is a completely free tool in Facebook’s advertising palette and it’s an easy way to create eye-catching ads without making a video!

Show before and after photos, stunning landscapes or showcase delicious menu options simply by uploading 3-7 images. It’s easy to choose the length of the ad and tweak details such as the transition preference or thumbnail. If you use high quality images that are correctly sized (1280 x 720 pixels) then you will produce a stunning advert for your Facebook page. To get started simply write a post on your Facebook page, select “Photo/Video” and choose “Create Slideshow” from the dropdown.


There are so many things to buy for the perfect wedding… jewelry, accessories, dresses, shoes and let’s not even get started on the table settings and decorations. So how do you make sure people spend their cash with you and not someone else? If you’re selling wedding related products then social media can be your friend (or your enemy) so you need to use the right social media management tools to power ahead.

Instagram and Facebook are great for selling products and if you’re on Instagram then you need to check out Like2Buy. Like2Buy from Curalate makes your Instagram account shoppable by driving clicks from your live link to a grid of pictures of items for sale. Like2Buy also presents your images to followers that sign in via their existing Instagram account. Other popular Instagram selling apps include and Letsell.It and Shopseen and Soldsie.


Having a Facebook page is great but how do you turn Facebook fans into paying clients? One word for you … CONTESTS.

Don’t be tempted to break Facebook’s rules with the old SHARE our photo to win as this can land you with a banned ad account or worse still no page at all!   Plus, what does this actually get you? Tons of likes and shares yes but any clients?

Run your contests through an officially recognized app like AgoraPulse and you will be able to gather data from each participant such as their telephone number, email address and even the date of their wedding! There are tons of fun contests to choose from such as Sweepstakes, Quizzes and Photo contests. Add some terms and conditions, some nice photos or graphics and you’re good to go. At the end of your contest you will have a downloadable excel file which you can then use to build your mailing list for email marketing or upload it to Facebook for retargeting.



The wedding industry is highly lucrative but it’s also highly competitive. Today’s customers can come to you from search, display ads, social media, exhibitions, referrals or email marketing. So if your main competitor is successful… where did his business come from? SimilarWeb allows you to get traffic insights for any website, analyse where the traffic came from and then make changes to your strategy accordingly.

Want to actively steal your competitor’s social media following? Try Crowdfire which will allow you to enter a Twitter profile, analyse its followers, and then take them for yourself! Remember that followers need to be nurtured so you will need to put some effort in, not simply add them to your collection.


Over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase and almost 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has ratings and reviews.

If your clients are talking on social media about how much they loved your flowers, venue or cake then you will want to show off their testimonials on your website. Kudobuzz social plugin allows you to gather mentions from around the social media world and pull them into your website to showcase them for prospective clients. Plus the plugin allows you to tweet or share your great reviews whenever you want!

Which of these essential social media tools will you try out? Tweet us and let us know.

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