Email Marketing Tips

When it comes to email marketing you need a great content writer with an awesome campaign management mindset. Sending out emails to your clients is not simply a case of throwing out some content and hoping for the best, you should have clear goals and objectives before you even begin. Read my email marketing tips to get the best out of your next campaign!

Typical Objectives

TO RAISE AWARENESS – To advise clients about a new service or your latest news

TO PROMOTE – To encourage clients to register, purchase or enquire about your product

TO CONNECT – To build relationships with your clients and encourage loyalty and interaction
When it comes to email marketing there are some very definite Do’s and Dont’s that you should follow to maximise your success. To do that you should first decide what success means to you… a click through, a registration, a phone call, a social share?

Email Marketing Dos

• Make your text exciting and easy to read
• Add an interesting graphic or video
• Add a clear call to action button – eg “Grab Your 20% Discount Now”
• Add social sharing links and contact details
• Send a test email first to check layout, spelling and grammar
• Send different emails based on target demographics
• Add tracking links to monitor open rates and other success objectives
• Think about the day and time you are mailing out

Email Marketing Don’ts

• Add a spam headline such as “Earn Cash” or Make $” (see more examples)
• Write too much text- most readers want to get to the point in under 10 seconds
• Confuse the reader with too many options or links
• Send emails to clients who have not asked to be mailed (opted in or subscribed clients)
• Don’t neglect to inform your relevant departments within your organisation about your offer
• Don’t forget to check the email in mobile format
Email marketing is one of this decade’s most successful tools when used correctly so take the time to think about your objectives, structure and style before you hit send! For assistance with email marketing get in touch with me here.

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