Elevator to the Stars


In a sticky slow I hit six again again again, the machine cold and unyielding
My life mist fevered snow globe memories on the glass
Earthly worries rising embers sparking in my veins
But there was something else, a whisper
She needs to be daring she needs to see
The lights went out as it passed the sixth floor
I closed my eyes and prayed to nothing
Upwards and faster my atoms jumbled awaiting the crash
Surely Id fall, plummeting one thousand lives to my death
And the tragic papers would tell my fate
Lining the pavements with bitter exclamations
But we slowed, floating now, rising soft as a feather
As I heard the smooth doors slide open
Open your eyes now really open them and I saw it.
Edged trembling legs towards the open doors and saw it.
Billions of stars swirling like a diamond ocean
Each one a guide, a wisdom, a world orbiting my eyes
And the swirling blue black deep like a velvet cloak
An unimaginable infinity stitched by an ancient being
Its cool warmth on my face a sweet night kiss
And the moon so close I could stroke it
Brush its milky skin and make my wish
And there was no ceiling, no walls, no floor, just space
No crash, no fall, just an elevator to the stars.

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