Create a Mailing List From Your Social Media

If you are running your social media networks successfully then you could have a huge untapped resource of email addresses and names at your fingertips. I’m not talking about knowing the names and profiles of your fans… I’m talking about actually legitimately getting their email addresses so you can add them to your mailing list and try to convert them into clients, but how? Here’s how to create a mailing list from your social media pages the legal way!

Firstly let’s be clear, it is not ok for you to ask fans on your page to provide their email addresses, nor is it ok for you to look at their profiles and copy their email addresses. This breaches the privacy guidelines of most social networks and probably your own company’s regulations. Additionally you are not authorised to email people who have not been opted in – this means they have given their consent to be emailed. So let’s look at how you can do it legally and correctly.

#1 Post your subscribe link

The easiest and simplest way to create a mailing list is to post a link to your subscribe/registration web page or landing page to your social media page. Sounds simple but how many of you are actually doing it? Sweeten the pot by incentivising each new subscriber with a discount or free gift and create a specific page for your social fans to land on to register. Many email service providers such as MailChimp also have an app for your Facebook page which includes a fully functional opt-in form. Add this app and your fans can subscribe without even leaving your Facebook page!

#2 Run a contest

When you hold a contest you can obtain email addresses from your fans. It is important to point out that you need to do this correctly using an app because you are not permitted to run contests on your main page and will not be able to collect email addresses or telephone numbers this way. Therefore your “Like & Share to Win” posts really need to stop and will not help you in collecting email addresses anyway.

I choose Woobox for my social media pages because I like the choice of apps they offer and the pricing is good but of course there are plenty more to choose from. Make sure you have completed the “rules” field for any contest to include the clause which states that you will add any entrants to your database and that by participating in the contest this is accepted. The entered fan has therefore accepted your rules and this counts as a legal opt in.

#3 Promote Your eBook on Twitter

I love using a free eBook to leverage a registration or signup and on Twitter they are particularly effective providing the topic is right. By offering your fans a free eBook when they sign up you are giving them a real and tangible incentive to sign up. Plus, it stands to reason that they must provide their email address in order to get the book … right?

Take your time to think about an eBook topic that your fans would kill to get their hands on and work on getting the title just right. For example if you are a beauty company then try “Anti-Aging Secrets of the Stars” or “Better Skin in 24 Hours” and avoid using a promotional title like “Read About Our Anti Aging Cream”.

So you see, your social media channels could be providing you with very targeted and relevant mailing list entries… you just have to know how to play it! Did you find these tips useful? Tweet me @charli_says and let me know!

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