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It doesn’t matter how great your brand, products or services are. Without great content writing it’s difficult to be successful. The content that is published on your website, blogs, social media and online PR is the voice of your brand and will communicate your message to your target audience. Every piece of content you publish expresses your ethos and company values so it’s essential to get it right.


There is little point in filling your website with content that does not interest your readers. The key to great content writing is turning every subject matter into something interesting and ensuring that your web visitors do not bounce out of your site within seconds. The same applies to email marketing because great content will make the difference between a click through to your site or an unsubscribe. It is not always easy to get the balance between information and engagement especially when it comes to technical writing which is where many brands come unstuck. Our content marketing agency uses writers who specialise in fields such as finance, technology and real estate who can then use their knowledge to create engaging content for your brand.


We understand the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation) so ensure that our content writers assist in boosting your web ranking when providing website content. This involves incorporating keywords and trending topics and of course always using original, readable content. Many brands make the mistake of focusing solely on SEO, stuffing their articles with keywords producing lack luster content that does not engage readers. Long term this is a poor strategy because visitors attracted to your site will not remain there and your bounce rate will negatively impact your ranking. We incorporate SEO techniques with highly stimulating content to ensure that you are ticking all the boxes and staying Google friendly.


We recognise the connection between content writing and social virality. This is the difference between someone reading your content or them reading it, enjoying it and feeling compelled to share it. Today content can easily be shared via social media however it has to connect with the reader for that to happen. Virality occurs when a piece of content delivers a strong and meaningful message to the reader which they feel compelled to share with their social media followers and networks. As a brand it is extremely valuable to provide viral content because it will boost your exposure to a greater audience without any additional costs or resources.

Charli Says can provide ghost writing or credited articles depending on the requirements of the brand. Ghost writing means that our name will not appear in association with the article and it will be as though it was written from within your organisation. Credited articles will feature our writers and can benefit from their social media influence.

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