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Why Market On Instagram in 2019?

Instagram’s on fire! A fun platform with a host of useful tools it’s proving popular with everyone from high-profile influencers and celebrities to the world’s biggest brands. If you are keen on growing your tech or finance brand you should certainly try Instagram marketing. So, Why Market On Instagram in 2019? #1 The sheer power

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Can I Afford Influencer Marketing?

Can I afford influencer marketing? That’s a question often asked by our clients. Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way to spread brand awareness but can you afford it?  If, like many brands, you’ve already trashed the idea labelling it ‘too expensive’, think again. Influencer marketing works well in all sectors. As Director of

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10 Rules of PR Crisis Management

From the Lush ‘Anti-Spy Cops’ campaign which resulted in a #FlushLush social media crisis. To the forced removal of a United Airlines passenger that caused a scandal across the web. It’s clear that online backlash can and does happen. The internet is incredibly unforgiving and while the examples just mentioned are particularly extreme cases of

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