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Financial Marketing for Millennials

Often referred to as Digital Natives, millennials were born roughly between 1980 and 2000. They’ve grown up with rapid technological developments and are 2.5x more likely to be an early adopted of new tech trends than other generations. So, when it comes to financial marketing for millennials, having a strong online presence is a must.

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Summer for Financial Services Marketing

Summer is upon us and for many forex brokers, banks and fintechs that means a break is in order. But, if you’re trying to boost brand awareness and maintain engagement throughout the warmer months, chilling out is simply not an option. Don’t worry, with a good summer strategy, boosting business throughout the holiday season is

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Top Hashtag Mistakes You’re Making 

Hashtags are powerful. When used properly, they can attract followers, increase engagement, help posts reach the desired target audience and develop a brand’s image. However, when used inappropriately, hashtags have the power to ruin social credibility. While it can be all to easy to whack a few hashtags at the end of a post and

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