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How Voice Search Is Reshaping Social Media

It has been five years since Apple introduced Siri voice search as part of its iPhone 4s. Since then, voice search has grown significantly with the launch of Google Voice, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexis. Researchers have been crunching the data and are more convinced that voice search will experience even more rapid growth in

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Top Twitter Business Influencers

Social Media has revolutionized the way individuals and businesses communicate throughout the world.  During the last 10 years there have been several major players in the social media limelight which have competed for businesses advertising dollars.  Twitter, is a dominant force in the social media space providing access to millions of users on a daily

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Happy 10 Years Twitter!

Yes, it’s official… Twitter is 10 years old today and of course its own birthday hashtag is trending! I want to pay tribute to my favourite network with 10 great facts about Twitter… Happy 10 Years Twitter! #LoveTwitter   #1 Twitter Fail Whale The illustration that came to be known as the Fail Whale features a serene

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