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And they scattered as she stumbled through the gleaming square A black and white movie and her red satin shoes stained by rain Dress trailing on the silver lined pavement, tendrils damp to her shoulders Plumes of misty feathers rising in a low flustered cloud above her head An elusive snowy feather passes ghostlike through

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Different Moon

Yours is a different moon that I set my sights upon The waning night sky dispersed in its pearlescent blush A dewdrop of oil in the liquid night sends stars scurrying Blurring its glow to a spacious rainbow haze, an amethyst balm Each land, a different moon for its own charcoal skyline Its beam reaching

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The Guardian of Her Dreams

And asleep in his arms as the sky turned saffron The distant winds cried, throwing crimson across the borderlines In the streets they implore the faithful to pray, that haunting echo Each ran faster than the next, saving his soul in the dusty night She dreamed as the light faded, a sugared milky dream Of

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When The Last Petal Falls

The silver tongued roses in that crystal vase you bought me Are too flawless for me and my tainted fingertips didn’t you know I detest their purity and radiance, layers of unattainable perfection Like sweet scented swans, heads held high, higher than mine Thorns protecting their loveliness from those who are unworthy Chastising the eager

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Bitter Candy

Shining like gems in obscurity, your candy Polished Silver, True Gold, Valentine’s Red in the darkness I want to capture them for my magpie nest and keep them Cherished with secret keys, wind chimes and lovers rings To gaze at them whenever I want, to dream in candy colours I take one in my fingers,

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In every limb Rusted shards of your words burrow deeply Metallic fragments in my veins They can’t remove them There are no heroes Limping bloodily onwards without rest Breathing in sharp splinters And holding them in And now the soft flesh Armour clad and battle ready Metal over metal, cold on cold No more shrapnel.

21 Gram Soul

It left like a cloud, perspired from my being Drifted in the December air, evaporating with hot tears Swirled white in the sky with the gulls flying freely Dancing and spinning while I watched from the pier. I felt it leave, a sickening vacuum of nothingness If I were to slip through the wooden slats

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Green Eyed Monster

I never saw eyes so green in my whole life Green green like velveteen moss after the rains fall Wise like the mighty old oak where I sheltered Protected and cool in the youth speckled shade   Dark green like the mystery ship in the bottle My father placed on the mantelpiece Inside with its

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She Just Wasn’t There Anymore

Each dawn she was, a shadow of him, hunched, faltering, pale The sympathetic eyes watched, hands twitching all thinking “Is it but our fate, but our destiny to be the same?” Nobody moved and time inhaled as we sat waiting, not seeing In the rain and the wind she clung to him, oranges in her

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