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She didn’t think of it often. It wasn’t right somehow. To intrude on a past that existed perfectly well without her. An expired country and she, a faded intruder watched wide eyed from the long grasses by the bank. How beautiful they were. With their crisp white skirts and neatly laced shoes. Their long ponytails

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The Cinder Path

The forest swallowed her. Left the cinder path. A lone Gretel lost in a tangle. Dark ferns muffled footfall Until she no longer felt herself. Was one with the heavy black. Breathing its baited stillness Swallowing the dread that caught in her throat and beat against her chest. Hers to keep, a sullen crow. Fingered

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Letters to the Moon Goddess Selene

I accepted sweet Selene, sister of the celestial. That hard pull upward to your lunar light. Stopped still in the street, pulse dropped, as time seeped into the cool Athenian night. A dreamers climb up up to the white temple on the hill. Stones sliding, twisting over gnarled mandrake and the roots of wise olive

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Ode To A Valley

We came upon a valley that summer day. Emerald green and thronged with swallows, bees and the lightest silk butterflies. A herb scented Eden with a breeze that kissed my face and whispered adventure. Soft merl smoke curling from a distant cottage and a brook tripping happily over smooth stones and ferny banks. And the

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Day Zero

They say the shock makes you tired. Stumbling drowsy through haphazard facts The reporter mouths empty words on the screen They replay in a loop at night. Distant words she can’t quite make out Seeping distorted onto her pillow as she sleeps Eyes ringed and lashes dewdrop silver Pillow wet with black exhausted tears. The

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The Resistance

‘I was a survivor once’ she said. ‘Watching shadows and listening for voices. Sirens rounding desolate corners and a helicopter above. That hawk could take out each of us mice. Scuttling between trees, making ourselves invisible. We resisted. Some fickle bravery coarsed veins and filled heads. I joined them. Defiance in our eyes and on

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The Salt Forest

Trees blur in my salty snow globes A dark seaweed wash for this bright forest and a bramble scratch in my throat. His hand rests on my leg, a dead weight. I fold my hands like napkins. White and edge to edge on my lap. Crisp and careful. Unavailable. I don’t want to be touched.

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Black Rock

Loosen your limbs it said Loosen and let me take you. My black rock heavier than your shallow breaths A delirious sleep that fills your ears and thick as treacle wraps your lungs. You won’t feel it. Just a fleeting gasp and then nothing. Close your eyes if it makes it better. Just close your

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Be Gone

A thousand empty words. Strewn on the sands and on The tides will take them Tripping carelessly over white horses and dissolving to foam. Exhaled into deep green. Until at last you are gone. #charlisays #poetsofinstagram #poetry #poetrylovers #writerslife #amwriting #writersofinstagram #writing #ocean #beachlife

The Madness In My Wave

There’s a world of madness in my wave A foam of white crest crazy and deep dark you. Bubbling at my breast and tightening my neck. Pulling at my legs and grasping at my hair. That seaweed voodoo charging me off balance. Singing me back, deep into cobalt nothing. Where the depths are too great

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