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How to Skillfully Pan The Goldmine of Influencer Marketing

Article written by Charli and published at AgoraPulse, the popular Social Media Marketing hub. Influencer Marketing focuses on key individuals (influencers) and their ability to influence mass followers. Just as panning for gold can take weeks or even months, the same goes for identifying influencers but the treasure at the end of the effort is worth

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5 Essentials For Your 2016 Content Marketing Strategy

Charli originally published this article at AgoraPulse, the leaders in social media management tools. If, like me, you are tasked with managing your digital content strategy then I’m sure you have already been asked the question “What’s Your 2016 Content Marketing Strategy?“ So let’s talk about 5 essentials that need to make it into your 2016

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Charli Featured in The Cyprus Weekly!

A huge thank you to the Cyprus Weekly for featuring me in the October edition of the popular National newspaper! The article focuses on my literary work with a particular emphasis on my non profit efforts with Tweet Cyprus. Tweet Cyprus is a Facebook page and Twitter feed designed to showcase the best artistic talent

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