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3 Content Writing Fails

As a digital content writer and manager I love to read and write beautiful content. That said, I also love to read content writing fails. A fail could be anything from incorrect spelling, an inappropriate phrase or a poor translation of an English sentence. I believe that having a sense of humour is crucial when

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Out of Office Marketing

So it’s vacation time and in addition to all your scheduling, this means setting the dreaded “out of office” message on your outlook! As a marketing manager this got me thinking… is there such a thing as Out of Office Marketing and if not why not? What does a standard out of office message look

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Email Marketing Tips

When it comes to email marketing you need a great content writer with an awesome campaign management mindset. Sending out emails to your clients is not simply a case of throwing out some content and hoping for the best, you should have clear goals and objectives before you even begin. Read my email marketing tips

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