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Internet Words That Should Disappear in 2015!

Working in social media and online content writing I am usually the first to be aware of the latest phrases and words that are trending. Often they are harmless abbreviations such as the ever popular LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and SMH (Shaking My Head) and that’s just fine with me. What I want to discuss

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Introducing A Hassle Free Content Writing Package

Awesome content writing is necessary for so many areas of your business from blogging through to website content, social media and e-newsletters. If you do not have a professional onsite content writer for your brand then you might want to consider outsourcing your various writing tasks which is where my content writing package could benefit

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Email Marketing Tips

When it comes to email marketing you need a great content writer with an awesome campaign management mindset. Sending out emails to your clients is not simply a case of throwing out some content and hoping for the best, you should have clear goals and objectives before you even begin. Read my email marketing tips

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