Castle of the girl

In the eastern tower, her favourite step by the worn arrow loop

Cold sea winds seep into her eyes spilling to a defiant tear on one cheek

That weak Autumn sunlight paints a shaft of her pastel hair a fiery ochre

Cheek pressed to the chalky stone, there are no shapes to be seen


Shadows dance on the bleak ocean waves, the moon fastens on each crest

A creaking of ghost ships, oars pulling, voices muted in the frosty air

She’s sure there’s nobody there, just blood hastening in her ears

She remembers the shell he pressed there; can you hear the ocean love?


Another day has passed, each hour a tangled eternity, each dusk another death

As darkness thickens, his holy kiss stains her forehead, envelops, protects her

“He will return and keep his promise” she whispers welcoming her familiar mantra

A sing song lullaby as she clutches her knees and rocks to her fevered sleep.


And her dreams are filled with that faceless figure, valiant to claim her

The brilliant jewel he fought for, kept safe from foes, frozen from the ages

Stumbling across jagged rocks to pull her to him, breathing in her rose petal hair

He won’t leave her again, he has returned, returned to the castle of the girl.

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