carousel horse

A lingering melody begins once more, out of key though I know it well
Skinny twisted trees caught in fractured mirrors and ephemeral fairground lights
In the snowy park, phantom horses prancing into the white, leaping from shadows
A faded mirage of mighty hooves, their glossy veneers chipped and shedding
Rough flakes of precious gold flutter high, scattering the sherbet ground below
And once again I see you, soaring from the blackness, the loveliest one of them all
Your obscene grin and arched neck hold strong against the hilarity of your colours
Your knowing eyes jaded as mine after that fateful springtime stole our innocence
There is nobody here, just me with my candy floss dreams and awkward love
Mesmerised by your gaudy rainbow, longing to lay my fingers on your icy neck
Throw my frozen arms around you and tenderly kiss your aged painted face
And reminisce, a time when blossoms brushed our backs as you carried me
And I saw my reflection with yours in the dazzling sunlight and we smiled.
Let’s go around one more time carousel horse.