BOO! 6 Quick Social Media Ideas For Halloween!

Boo! Don’t get scared but it’s not long until Halloween! So what are you going to do with your social media channels? Here are 6 quick social media ideas for Halloween that won’t take long to set up and which can increase your followers, CTR (click through rate) and hopefully your ROI (return on investment). So, turn on the lights… lock the doors and get ready to give your fans a Halloween thrill!

BOO! 6 Quick Social Media Ideas For Halloween

 #1 Scary Selfies

It’s an old idea but it never gets tired! Everyone loves to dress up on Halloween with some people putting some serious effort into their costume! Halloween is one of the most popular times of the year for posting selfies so why not run a costume contest on your Facebook page. Using an official app, invite your followers to submit their photos and offer a wickedly wonderful prize for the best one. Experience tells me that these contests work better if you allow your followers to vote for their favourite picture… your engagement will increase too!

 #2 Creepy Covers 

If you go to the mall over Halloween (especially in the USA) you will see that the stores have added creepy decorations, employee costumes and maybe even some sound effects. Depending on the nature of your business… why not do the same for your website and social pages. Add some cobwebs, pumpkins and candies to get visitors in the mood for Halloween. If you want to have some fun why not hide an image somewhere in your site and offer a prize or store discount for everyone who finds it?

#3 Quivering Quizzes

Try a scary Halloween themed quiz on your social media page to increase engagement. You don’t have to offer a prize but I find it is usually better if you do. If you can’t theme your questions to suit Halloween then you can theme your images and the way that you promote your quiz. Be sure to allow enough time for users to enter your quiz and make sure you are using an official app which allows you to gather data legally. Usually multiple choice questions works best and it is advisable not to make it too long (maximum 10 questions).

#4 Creaking Coupons

Ok, so I’m pushing it with the alliteration but it is Halloween! Why not offer your social media fans a coupon deal to claim over the Halloween weekend. Using an app on your fan page you can set a limit to the number of coupons you give away which means you are limiting your risk. It also creates a sense of urgency and encourages social sharing as everyone will want to share the coupon with their friends…quickly! Remember to set terms and conditions for your coupons and add an expiry date so that your fans know how long they have to redeem their prize.

#5 Spooky Stories

Try telling some creepy stories on your social media channels. This is especially useful if you want to create some hype around a big Halloween event as it will keep your followers interested. One of my favourites is to start a story and then let your followers continue it for you.


Be ready to do some moderating because the story needs to be SFW (safe for work) but you will end up with a high level of user engagement.

#6 Supernatural Safety Tips

Halloween is loads of fun but it is important to be safe. Offer some safety tips for trick or treating on your page and use a corresponding hashtag such as #SafeForHalloween or #TreatNotTrick. Your posts are likely to be shared by parents and even friends of people with small children who want to have a safe but fun Halloween.

I hope you enjoyed reading BOO! 6 Quick Social Media Ideas For Halloween  I would love to hear your ideas – please tweet me @Charli_says

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