A Beginner’s Guide To Tumblr

With an active user audience of 300 + million and around 90 million posts each day is it time you started using Tumblr? Founded in 2007 Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything…. text, photos, quotes, links, videos and more from your browser, phone, desktop or email. Additionally Tumblr allows you to customize everything, from colors through to your theme’s HTML. So with all this in mind read a beginner’s guide to Tumblr and see how to use it for your business!

#1 See If Your Business Is A Good Tumblr Fit

My experience as a social media manager tells me that whilst all business types (within reason) are welcome on Tumblr not all are a good fit. My experience using Tumblr in the financial sector was largely unsuccessful whilst using it to promote art and writing proved fruitful. Large photography images, music videos, memes and funny quotes are generally quite successful. It is wise to pick a few social networks that are a good match for your product and demographic rather than spreading yourself thinly across all of them so if Tumblr doesn’t fit then don’t use it.

#2 Use Humour

Companies that use humour on Tumblr are generally more successful than those that go in with a serious approach. Using funny photos, GIFs and memes to promote your brand really works and you will see plenty of interaction. Companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks have done this nicely and managed to tie it in to physical in store offers. Again it depends on the nature of your business and branding style as to whether you want to go down this route. Humorous posts will benefit from brand virality but may not convert into web traffic and registrations so be aware of this when you start.

#3 Follow Trends

As with any social media network, Tumblr follows worldwide trends and you should to. Trends like #TBT (Throwback Thursday) might fit nicely with your brand whether it is serious or quirky. You could post a photo from ten years ago showing your company as one which has been established for a while but also has a modern take on networking. Tumblr allows you to monitor online trends so it is easy for you to jump right in… you just need to be dynamic in your approach.

#4 Interact

As with all successful social media marketing, interaction is key to success. Take the time to interact on other posts, share photos and get to know the brands you are following. Identify influencers within your industry and network with them in order to gain exposure for your brand and gain a positive reputation on the site. Users who drop in, post and leave are usually not successful unless they are already globally established.
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