Awkward Facts About Online Dating

Combined, my friends and I are probably using every online dating app available on the market… my GBF (Gay Best Friend) Andy uses Grindr, Hornet, Romeo and a zillion more. My straight friends use everything from, Badoo, Tinder, OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. There are so many online dating sites available but they all have certain inevitable similarities. So here we go … my favourite awkward facts about online dating

#1 Fake Profile Photos

Fake profile photos are annoying because you don’t know who you are speaking to online. They are also funny especially when every guy has an uncanny similarity to Brad Pitt or Zayn Malik… sometimes photo shopped and sometimes not. The worst thing about a fake profile photo is when you don’t realise it’s fake until you meet the guy… something Andy can relate to!

#2 The Copy Paste Intro

Most guys (maybe girls too) use a classic copy/paste style intro eg “Hey babe how are you?”, “You’re so pretty please talk to me” or simply “Hi”. Whichever you receive you can be sure that they sent it to every available person on the site. Something as simple as using a person’s name can instantly get their attention and make them feel special in the sad world of online dating!

#3 Unsolicited Nude Photos

I didn’t ask to see it, I didn’t want to see it but you went and sent it anyway! Arrgghhh I hate unsolicited nude photos which again feel like they are being copy/pasted to everyone online. An unsolicited nude photo will get you blocked from my profile. If you are Andy it may get you a date!

#4 The Facebook Add

You meet someone on an online dating site and immediately they want to add you to their Facebook account. If you choose to do this (I don’t) then be very careful because this person now has access to details such as your workplace, checkins, photos, friends list… be very careful! If you do add them you may find that they are nothing like their dating profile and end up blocking them. Your choice.

#5 The Scammer

“I handsome God fearing man”, “You pretty lady I want ticket to visit you” in an online dating site you will hear it all. It’s actually really annoying and leads you to wonder who actually goes for these people? There is no way to avoid it although blocking certain regions can help.
So these are my awkward facts about online dating – what are yours?

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