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Fifty Shades of Desperate

As the steamy movie version of the Fifty Shades of Grey book hits cinema, marketing teams around the world are desperately trying to jump on the social media bandwagon. Sex sells, I get it. #fiftyshades #50shadesofgrey #fiftyshades #christiangrey it’s all trending and so of course all good marketing teams are trying to find a way to join in.

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Bitter Candy

Shining like gems in obscurity, your candy Polished Silver, True Gold, Valentine’s Red in the darkness I want to capture them for my magpie nest and keep them Cherished with secret keys, wind chimes and lovers rings To gaze at them whenever I want, to dream in candy colours I take one in my fingers,

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In every limb Rusted shards of your words burrow deeply Metallic fragments in my veins They can’t remove them There are no heroes Limping bloodily onwards without rest Breathing in sharp splinters And holding them in And now the soft flesh Armour clad and battle ready Metal over metal, cold on cold No more shrapnel.

Social Media Security – Are You Playing It Safe?

Whether you are a social media end user or a Social Media Manager like me, there are plenty of social media security issues to be aware of. When you are using social media for personal use then it can be centered more around your own safety whilst Social Media Managers are concerned with the safety

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Google + Twitter = Love

With the news last week that Twitter has inked a deal with Google to embed tweets into search engine results, digital marketers like myself are pretty excited! The search engine giant plus the social media giant are getting together and it looks like Google + Twitter = Love 🙂  Google + Twitter Sitting In a Tree… Twitter

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Facebook Lite To The Rescue!

If like me your Smartphone is slowly grinding to a halt under the weight of all your memory draining apps then you will be happy to hear that Facebook Lite is nearly here! Facebook Lite to the rescue because with just 252 KB as opposed to the 27 MB of the main app your phone

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Awkward Facts About Online Dating

Combined, my friends and I are probably using every online dating app available on the market… my GBF (Gay Best Friend) Andy uses Grindr, Hornet, Romeo and a zillion more. My straight friends use everything from, Badoo, Tinder, OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. There are so many online dating sites available but they all have

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21 Gram Soul

It left like a cloud, perspired from my being Drifted in the December air, evaporating with hot tears Swirled white in the sky with the gulls flying freely Dancing and spinning while I watched from the pier. I felt it leave, a sickening vacuum of nothingness If I were to slip through the wooden slats

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How To Promote Your Website For Free

A website which is built and then not promoted will simply join the millions of other unvisited websites on the internet. In my article How To Promote Your Website For Free I will teach you the best ways to get some exposure… without spending a cent! Promote Your Website – Directories Online directories are a great

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#FoxNewsFacts My First Viral Tweet

On January 12th 2015 I had my first viral tweet on Twitter with #foxnewsfacts! Ok when I say viral it wasn’t on the viral scale of millions that we aspire to with our brands but it did receive nearly 500 retweets plus 429 Favourites. For me it’s a first and insanely exciting! History Of #FoxNewsFacts So

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