Abracadabra: Positivity and Content Marketing

Words are extremely powerful as Andrew Bennett – leadership consultant, business coach and member of The Magic Circle – emphasised during an inspiring TEDx Talk at Towson University.

“Abracadabra” he explained in a live speech highly relevant to the content marketing world, has “transformative power.” Not because it’s used by magicians who make humans disappear or change the shape of objects, but because of its actual Aramaic meaning: “what I speak is what I create.”

Essentially, this taps into the idea that if we have a positive mind set and use positive language, we can create positive outcomes and vice versa. We can literally transform negativity into something meaningful and productive – a very strong and important message within the realms of marketing.

So what else do we need to know?

Abracadabra and its impact on content marketing

Words are one of our most powerful sources of creative power” says Bennett. Everything we write be it emails, web content, video scripts, social media updates, speeches and such like can help influence and connect with consumers. Therefore, on a marketing level, it’s really important to think about the words you are choosing and the messages you’re conveying.

Words can either be ‘creative’ or ‘limiting’. They can uplift, inspire, encourage, comfort and unite or be destructive and demoralising serving as a road block to success. So, what’s the trick? What’s the magic solution to successful content marketing campaigns?

·        Positive thoughts – according to Bennett’s TEDx Talk, positivity starts with our internal patter. If we talk to ourselves in a positive way, we can rewire our brains to be more upbeat and proactive. If we focus on the negative, this will reflect in our day-to-day actions.

Remember abracadabra – give yourself a reality check by remembering the true meaning of abracadabra. Slipping down a destructive, unproductive path? Then repeat “what I speak is what I create” until you truly believe what you’re trying to achieve.

Words and business leadership

Bennett’s live speech also emphasised how words are critical on a leadership level helping to produce positive organisational cultures. So, how can you motive, encourage and inspire?

Create hope – tell an inspirational story about where the company/team is heading. Help people to understand their role in the story and how they’re helping to create an amazing future. From a marketing perspective, storytelling also helps to attract consumers as it makes your brand more relatable.

Be aware of your words – don’t talk blindly. Constantly ask yourself if your words are creative or if they are limiting. If they are limiting, use the meaning behind abracadabra to shift your thought patterns. Not getting the results you want? Don’t dwell. Instead, train your mind to pick out the good and drive forward in a proactive way.

While skills and knowledge are essential in the content marketing sphere, inner belief, positive thought patterns and carefully selected words are welcome additions to business. What do you think about the power of words? Comment below and share your thoughts.

Charlotte is a British content marketing thought leader specialising in social media marketing and content engagement within the finance sector. Responsible for a number of high profile brands and with 1000 + articles published, her success lies within her humour and hands on experience of the digital marketing world. Creative Director at www.contentworks.agency