7 Things That Are True If You Date A Writer

What happens when you date a writer? Most guys think it’s super cool and envisage themselves as a character in one of my fictional stories. They imagine me to be funny, creative, thoughtful and sincere.. these qualities are pretty true but what else? Here are the 7 things that are true if you date a writer … don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. We Like Our Space

Don’t try to crowd us, read what we are writing or interrupt us when we are deep in thought. Writing is an art form and when we are concentrating, most things you do are distracting. Just bring the tea quietly and leave!

2. It’s Not About You

When we write poetry or fiction it usually comes from our imagination and is not always inspired by you. Don’t think that we are in a dark place because we write dark things or we want to break up because we write about heartbreak… it’s just the way it goes.

3. We Don’t Do It For The Money

Stop talking about when we “make it big” with our first bestseller. For most writers this is not the aim or indeed the point … we write because we love it. If you are dating a writer and think you are going to get rich as a result you will probably be disappointed!

4. We Have Admirers

Deal with the fact that if you date a writer who is publishing online then they will have admirers. Fans who follow their work, know their profile and keep in contact via social media sites. We are not going to leave you for one of our online admirers (probably) and it is simply a part of promoting our work and branding ourselves. If you are the jealous type or like to be “centre of attention” then don’t date a writer!

5. We Are Quirky

I don’t know any writers who are ordinary and certainly I have been described as “quirky”, “unconventional” and “different”. Our work doesn’t blend into obscurity because it’s different and so are we… who wants to read the boring ramblings of Miss Average? If you want to date someone who is conventional or predictable then a writer might not be your best bet!

6. We Are Grammar Nazis

That sweet Valentine’s card you wrote without the correct punctuation did not go unnoticed. We love you but we can’t help pointing out misspellings, incorrect pronunciation or the improper use of a word within a sentence. Even your text messages …. what’s with the text slang… write properly!

7. We Don’t Need Your Editorial Skills

If we have written a piece of fiction, poetry, an article or even a business ebook you are welcome to read it. We will pretend that we welcome your opinion but we probably won’t change anything. We want to date you, not to hire you for your editorial skills.

So there you go, the 7 things that are true if you date a writer … do you agree? Tweet me @charli_says and let me know!