7 Social Media Tips For Affiliates

There are many ways to improve your success as an affiliate and social media is one of the big ones! If you want to succeed then social media is a huge part of the puzzle.  In this article I am sharing with you 7 social media tips for affiliates so get ready to power up, increase your CTRs (click through rate) and boost your conversions.

#1 Like The Brand Pages

If you are a social media user (Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter or Google+) then the first thing you should do is “Like” the official pages. Once you have liked them then make sure you interact with posts and news. If you let the brand know that you are an affiliate you may get a little added social exposure.

#2 Make Your Own Pages

Why not make a Facebook page or Twitter profile to spread the word? Ask for an official “Affiliate” cover image so that your followers know you are an authorised partner. Make sure your description includes all the correct information and of course your affiliate link or website address.

#3 Post Your Affiliate Links

Affiliate links cannot be embedded into social media images as they can in a website but you can still post them! First shorten the long link using Google url shortener to make it neater. Next choose a cool image (see if you can obtain official, high quality images), in the comments add your shortened link, then post. Now everyone viewing your image can click on your link!

#4 Don’t Spam

Social media communities don’t like spammers so try not to do it! Spam is copying and pasting your affiliate link everywhere online, promoting yourself on other people’s pages and writing irrelevant comments to include your link. Instead, introduce yourself and join discussions with relevant comments and opinions. Establish yourself as a professional, regular and valuable community contributor.

#5 Join Relevant Pages & Groups

By joining the relevant groups and pages on Facebook,  communities on G+ and boards on Pinterest you will gain additional exposure to millions of potential clients Use them to make valuable connections, promote offers, share information and interact with other businesses.

#6 Network on Linkedin

Linkedin is a great place for affiliates to network with potential clients due to its professional environment and easy ability to target specific people. Remember to ensure that your profile is up to date including your current workplace and contact details. Spamming is not accepted on Linkedin so avoid sending unsolicited emails immediately promoting your link, instead take the time to introduce yourself and build valuable connections.

#7 Make a Video

If you have a YouTube Channel then you can make a video and the best thing is it’s completely free! Review your latest products, provide educational videos and make sure you share them and tag the main brand for additional exposure. Remember to add your affiliate link into the YouTube channel description and the “About” section on each video.

I hope that these affiliate tips are useful. Tweet me @charli_says and let me know.