5 Tweetdeck Power Hacks

Ok I admit it… I love Tweetdeck the Twitter scheduling tool which allows you to manage multiple accounts in one place. Yes there are tons more inclusive social media management tools on the market such as Hootsuite but I love this old favourite! So that said what can you do with it? Here are my top 5 Tweetdeck Power Hacks to save you time and maximize your social media efforts.

Power Hack#1. Do A Brand Name Search

If you are a brand on Twitter, whatever your size then make sure you are regularly searching your brand name for mentions. It is worth searching your brand name and any similar spellings for example @charli_says, @charlisays and @charliesays so you do not miss anything. Go to the magnifying glass on the left hand side and type in your brand name with or without the “@” hook. You can even save that search which means that you will have a column dedicated to people mentioning your brand. Of course you will need to do this for each Twitter account you are storing on Tweetdeck if you want to monitor this way.

Power Hack #2 Add Lists

Lists are really under used on Twitter but they are valuable because you can keep all your favourites in one place and watch what they are up to. You can have multiple lists eg “Social Media People”, “Funny News” or “Inspiration”. You create the list, name it and then and add people to it but remember the people you are adding will see your list name so don’t use anything inappropriate. Having your lists as columns in a neat line will make it easier on the eye when you are scanning all your accounts.

Power Hack #3 Add Notification Columns

By adding a notification column you can keep an eye on new follows, retweets, mentions and favourites. This is important because you can monitor interaction across accounts and acknowledge new fans (I like to thanks them or return the retweet). Activity on Twitter centers on interaction so you need to know who loves you and return the love quickly!

Power Hack #4 Use Scheduling To take A Break

I love Tweetdeck because it allows me to schedule tweets from all accounts in advance so if I want a more relaxing weekend or… dare I say it … a holiday I can take my hands off for a few days. Of course this involves putting in extra effort before your vacation and will not cover you for actual replies or interaction but for scheduling it will keep your account ticking over. Remember not to post anything about weather/ news events or anything else you are unable to predict in advance!

Power Hack #5 Be Your Own Fan!

Ok so this might seem strange but sometimes I’m my own biggest fan… confused? Let me explain. I currently manage 12 Twitter accounts and using Tweetdeck I can use one account to interact with the other! This means that if I want to retweet one tweet from eleven different accounts I can. This increases circulation of important posts and is totally ok as long as the subject is suitable for all accounts to be sharing.
So there you have it… my 5 Tweetdeck Power Hacks … share yours with me on Twitter @charli_says