5 Reasons Not To Argue On Social Media

You know the feeling… you see a racist, sexist or homophobic remark on a thread and you simply have to comment. Before you know it, you’re furiously replying, reloading the page, checking facts on Google and getting yourself worked up…. right? I’m not an argumentative person and tend to refrain from commenting on social media threads. That was until last week when I decided to challenge a particularly racist post regarding the refugee crisis. After 24 hours of online battling I finally reined myself in. Instead of continuing my silliness I decided to write this article instead to be sure that I really learnt my lesson! Here are my 5 reasons not to argue on social media…


It’s a pointless activity that gets you absolutely nowhere. In all my time online (and that’s a lot) I have yet to see someone actually winning an argument. If you need to comment on something then post your comment and disable the thread notifications so you are not constantly reminded each time someone responds. Just let it go and move on… there are more important things in life!


Internet arguments escalate really quickly and can end up with users who don’t know each other getting down and dirty with the name calling and mudslinging! If you answer someone, they then pick apart what you say; you then answer them, other people jump in and it goes on and on until one of you blocks the other!  Stop it before it develops and walk away from nasty comments. You don’t have to have the last word and you don’t need to subject yourself to negative experiences. If you consistently see provocative threads popping up on your newsfeed then block the pages… you don’t need that!


If you have decided to get yourself into a social media argument then you can be sure your friends will have seen it too. You might be ok with this but it’s not cool to be seen as the person always arguing on threads. Remember that everyone has an opinion which they are entitled to and you may alienate friends through your inadvertent comments.  Add to this the professional element because your outspoken views may end up costing you business in a world where everyone is online and watching what you do.


Arguing with strangers on YouTube, Facebook or any other social media site is a huge big fat waste of time. I mean it actually is a waste of time. Some thread debates go on for weeks or even months. Do you really want to dedicate your time to something so unnecessary? Turn off your laptop, grab your dog, boyfriend or friends and go for a walk. I guarantee you will feel happier with that choice!


This was my biggest decider to stop the fighting. Who cares anyway? In 10 years will people remember that I won an argument on social media or made a comment that got 1000 likes? Will they remember tomorrow? Will I? It’s unlikely so why do it. Does anyone actually care and will it actually achieve anything? I think you know the answer!

Of course managing a thread requires a different strategy. If, like me, you are a social media manager you might want to read my article Don’t Feed The Online Trolls

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