5 Creepy Things Guys Do On Social Media

Ok, before I start I want to say that I am aware that girls also do creepy things on social media. Things like checking out their ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend? Indeed when it comes to creepy online behavior I believe its equal opportunities however in this article I will be looking specifically at the behavior of guys that I have directly witnessed. So here we go, 5 creepy things guys do on social media… let’s rate these creepers on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the ultimate creep!)

#1 Hitting On You Via Linkedin

So you log into your favourite PROFESSIONAL network and connect with another PROFESSIONAL. You’re hoping to chat business, opportunities and creative ideas. Instead you receive a message asking you if you are single, commenting on your appearance and asking if you want to meet for a drink to discuss uh hum business.

CREEPER RATING 7 – Linkedin is for professionals to network. If you want to pick up a girlfriend then hit Tinder, Badoo, OKCupid or anywhere else. This is definitely creepy. Oh and inappropriate.

#2 Stealing Your Photos

This one predominantly happens on Facebook where it is very easy to save photos from someone else’s profile or photo album. Let’s be clear… this is different from sharing your post or sharing a fun photo. This one means that you quietly downloaded a photo to save and look at later. It’s super creepy. I once had a Facebook connection save and upload 10 of my photos with the caption “I love my girlfriend”. Should I say more?

CREEPER RATING 9 – Seeing my photo uploaded somewhere when it was not me that put it there is super creepy… guys please don’t do this!

#3 Constant Commenting

It’s nice to comment on your friend’s photos from time to time. It shows you are interested and keeps up the communication between you. However, when I log into my social networks and find 100+ notifications (yes this happened), all of them from one guy commenting on my photos that’s just plain creepy. Not to mention that everyone else on my network sees the comments so it is really obvious that I have an online stalker. To top it off, the photos were from four years ago meaning that the guy in question went through all my old photos… ewwwww!

CREEPER RATING 8 – By all means give a compliment- we love those, but you don’t need to compliment everything on every photo…. it’s kind of obsessive! If you really do have a lot to say then send a private message!

#4 Adding People They Don’t Know

I guess I can only speak for myself here but I don’t add people that I don’t even remotely know to networks like Facebook. I certainly don’t send messages to random guys asking if they want to come to my apartment. So, why then do I receive at least 5 messages a week from non-friends saying just this? Does this ever actually work as a technique?

CREEPER RATING 5 – I gave this one a creeper rating 5 because messages to non-friends are ok… as long as they are not creepy. Perhaps you have a mutual friend or will be attending the same event and want to get acquainted. That’s fine. Sleazy messages are not.

#5 Stalking Your Online Activities

By far the creepiest activity, which is certainly not exclusive to guys, is the act of stalking online activities. This involves being overly interested in where you checked in/who you added as a friend/ who you were photographed with and the events you are attending. Online stalkers often get very attached to people they don’t really know and can then feel a sense of ownership over that person and jealousy when they are not the subject of your affections.

CREEPER RATING 10 – This is totally and inexcusably creepy. On a serious note, this is why we should be very careful about the type of people we add to our inner circle networks. If you find someone commenting too much on your activities, sending you inappropriate messages or showing up at the café you regularly visit then it might be time for a reality check.

I hope you enjoyed reading 5 creepy things guys do on social media . What do you find creepiest? Tweet me @Charli_Says and let me know.