3 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Reach For Free!

One of the most difficult things about managing a Facebook page, especially when you are starting out is increasing the reach of your posts. When we talk about reach we are not talking about the fan numbers but the fans actively engaging in comments, likes and shares.

Due to changes in the algorithm of Facebook, it is now fairly difficult for managers to increase virality without paying but does it have to be that way? Facebook favours popular posts in the newsfeed so if you can achieve a high virality consistently then it will produce a positive spiral effect. Read my article 3 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Reach For Free and see if you can make a difference without splashing the cash.

Share Hot News and Trends

Hot news and trends cause users to like, share and comment on your posts which can produce a nice level of virality and awareness for your page. I prefer to keep my “hot news and trends” relevant to my own page which means that mine will revolve around content, tech and social media however it is up to you if you choose to do this. Comments and shares increased by 16% percent this year which shows that users are happy to get involved if the content is right. Spend 10 minutes looking online before you post to see what the world is talking about and jump right in!

Utilize Facebook Insights

With Facebook Insights, you are better equipped to see who your posts are reaching so take the time to look at the insights for your page. Look at age, gender, location and also the times of day when your users are interacting most. If your main user demographic is not English speaking then you may want to start trialling some targeted translated posts for example. Additionally if you see that your users are commenting at 4pm and you are posting at 9am then you should try scheduling your posts to hit their newsfeed at that time instead. The aim of your page is not to force your users to meet your agenda but for you to meet their needs.

Pay It Back

Nobody likes a selfish Facebook page and if yours is all “me, me, me” then you might not see much interaction. Why not mention some local businesses by tagging them in your latest updates… praise them for a good service you received or simply wish them a good day. Take the time to interact with anyone who commented on your post or photo and see if you can expand the conversation to include others. Visit other pages which might compliment your business and interact on their posts but do not openly self promote.

What are your best tips for increasing your Facebook reach for free? Tweet me @charli_says and let me know!

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