3 Summer Writing Inspirations

Hey Everyone, summer is definitely here and with it comes fresh writing inspiration. I am often asked “What inspires you?” so with that in mind I want to share with you my 3 Summer Writing Inspirations and in turn discover… what inspires you to write?

3 Summer Writing Inspirations

#1 The Ocean

Whether it’s because I’m a water sign or just because I adore the ocean, it remains a constant source of energy for my writing. The silent brooding blackness at night, the storm cast granite waves in the winter and the turquoise depths of unimaginable peace in the summer. Much of my creative work embodies aquatic elements and being in close proximity to the sea leaves me with a range of emotions all of which are conducive to writing. In the summer I can be found floating in the clear water thinking about mythical stories, whilst the winter sees me perched on a rock with my notepad gazing out to sea.

#2 Travelling

For me, travelling is the ultimate inspiration for my writing. Experiencing the rush of a new city, the tingling feeling of being lost in a strange place or the buzz I get from meeting people from different cultures. The colors of a Turkish market, the smells of a French lavender field, the touch of a Venetian building send shivers down my spine and leave me desperate to grab my notepad and start writing. In fact, with each trip I gain imagination, vocabulary, knowledge and creativity. The more I travel, the richer my experiences and the greater the depth my writing can acquire.

#3 The Tastes of Summer

The flavors of summer really inspire me to write by fueling me with energy and waking up my taste buds. The crunchy sweet iced watermelon that floods your palate, the sweet creamy ice cream which tastes different in every city and the ice cold coffee that can be found in all European bars. Summer drinks are light and zesty my favourite being an ice cold mojito with fresh mint and crushed ice. Grab pen, sip mojito, watch ocean and write!

What are your writing inspirations? Tweet me @Charli_Says and let me know and in the meantime have an awesome summer!