Black Judgement

Black. I let it take me.

No skipping carefree from the oily sea that seeps into the dry cracks of my bones, putrid warm.

Its diamond crests scooped and closed in that sculpted box

Saved and safe, my happy place

Our laughter trapped inside, a grotesque musical box for the insane.

The scent of seawater heavy on the tarnished rouge, one day it will make us rich.

Cold sweat on my limbs as down and deep, snippets on loop, a purgatory preacher

He’s there and the weight of my sin is heavier than ever

The heavy woolen cloak smothers me its fibers cloying at my clammy skin

And my choking promises amount to nothing

Sometimes there is mercy, a pardoning but often not, not today.

Black. I let it take me.

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