2015 Social Media Resolutions

2015 is approaching and it’s the time when we turn our attentions to our new year’s resolutions! Maybe you want to quit smoking, get fit or start a new job? Sure we will start them in January and break them by February but how about 2015 social media resolutions ? Let’s take a look at some of the social media resolutions we could make and hopefully not break in 2015!

#1 Try something new

This is incredibly vague but it leaves you free to decide what to try. If you are a Facebook page manager you could try a new competition technique or experiment with advertising on a new social network. If you are an end user then you could try following a new brand or interacting in a new community. Sometimes it can be tough for us to step outside our comfort zone but the experience can be incredibly rewarding.

#2 Clean up your friends list

As the Auld Lang Syne song goes “Should old acquaintance be forgot,and never brought to mind?” The same applies to social media! If you are anything like me then your friends list on your personal networks has grown to the point where you struggle to remember who half the people are. Followers on pages and brand accounts are of course welcome but do you want people that you don’t know or worse still don’t like on your personal accounts? Spend an hour spring cleaning your friends list so you can start seeing posts from the people you want to keep in touch with!

#3 Unsubscribe from email lists

Do you also get hundreds of emails a day that you just add straight to trash? It may be that you signed up to receive an ebook or special offer and now you are bombarded with emails that don’t interest you. Taking a minute to unsubscribe to those that you don’t enjoy will declutter your email inbox making your daily tasks that bit less time consuming.

#4 Connect with your Linkedin connections

You added them for a reason but never actually made contact with them right? Many of us have hundreds of valuable connections on our Linkedin accounts which we are simply not utilising. If you are searching for a new job, promoting your brand or indeed looking to enhance your industry knowledge then it is time for you to start building personal relationships with the right people. Remember that personal relationship means just that… no spam and no copy/paste resumes. Be selective and take the time to message the right contacts.

#5 Spend time with 3D people

This is going to be one of my new year’s resolutions because whilst I Iove social media networking and it is obviously necessary for my job it has become a bit of a black spiderman takeover situation! If you are like me then let’s do this one together… at least twice each week promise to meet friends for a coffee or a chat… no social media, no laptop, no smartphone and no talk of Facebook… deal?

What’s your social media resolution? Tweet me and let me know!