20 Quick Twitter Tips For Newbies

When it comes to Twitter speed is important and so in true Twitter style I present 20 Quick Twitter Tips For Newbies to help you get started and power up your channel!

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can read more Twitter tips right here in my blog!

1.  Choose a Twitter handle that is brand related, easy to remember and of course easy to spell.

2.  Immediately ditch the standard Twitter egg avatar. Upload your logo or your headshot to your profile.

3.  Take the time to design a custom background and header for your brand, don’t “borrow” someone elses!

4. By using the right keywords in your biography you will help your brand page to show up in Google search results.Read more on Google + Twitter here

5. Take the time to learn about the culture and lingo on Twitter. Learn more about Retweets, Favourites and Comments here

6.  At first aim to respond to everyone who mentions you… later you can be more selective!

7.   Twitter karma works people. Start retweeting, replying to and favoriting other people’s tweets and the good stuff will come back to you!

8. Automate some of your tweets so that you are reaching people in different time zones, not just when you use your computer.

9. Tweet a lot. Twitter is a fast moving feed and people who tweet frequently attract more followers.

10. Don’t be a salesperson on Twitter.. you will soon be unfollowed.

11. Less is more on Twitter so Aim for 125 characters or less… ideally less!

13. Use one to two #hashtags per tweet … don’t overdo it or they will be difficult to read.

14. Learn about trending hashtags and how you can use them in your tweets.

15. Create lists to organise your Twitter contacts effectively.

16. Respond to Twitter debates which relate to your industry, product or brand.

17. Never use a tragedy hashtag to sell a product, you will get noticed for all the wrong reasons. Understand the hashtag before you use it.

18. Shorten links that you post to Twitter using a shortener like bitly or Google url shortener to free up your text space and improve the appearance of your feed.

19. Hosting a contest or offering an ebook works great to improve engagement on Twitter.

20. Be visual on Twitter. Images dramatically increase social media engagement and allow you to write the same tweet multiple times without seeming repetitive.

If you are a Twitter newbie I would love to hear from you Tweet me @charli_says and let me know how you’re getting on!