6 Quick Valentines Ideas For Your Social Media Networks

Ah… Valentine’s Day… love it or hate it when we are talking about social media management we have to at least acknowledge it!

As a Social Media Manager I know that regardless of the industry whether it is beauty, fitness or even finance we need to think about campaign ideas. So while I’m thinking… here’s 6 quick Valentines ideas for your social media networks.

1. Valentines Giveaways

Most industries are able to give something away… flowers, cards, chocolates… so giving things away is not a problem. However you should be sure you are getting ROI (return on investment). If you are going for a Facebook “like and share” to win contest then be sure you are using an authorised app. You should also be sure that you have clear rules laid out and that you can maximise the virality of your giveaway.

2. Make A Video

Make a video from your employees to your customers. Maybe tell them why you love them or alternatively ask them why they love you! You could be a little more quirky and make a love story about your product… “the day we fell in love with our cocoa butter body cream”… silly but it might just work. Be sure to properly leverage your video through your blog and social channels.

3. Start a Valentines Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to promote any business on social media. Plus it’s easy to track how many people are tweeting and sharing about your campaign based on who’s using the hashtag. Link your hashtag to a landing page or blog and it can become a mini campaign in itself.  Create a hashtag which represents the day and your company so if you are selling cakes you could go for #ValentinesIsSweet. Remember your demographic… if it’s mostly guys then you need to come up with a funny and perhaps satirical anti Valentines campaign!

 4. Organise A Social Media Contest

Create a social media contest around the Valentine’s Day weekend and really make a feature of it on your social pages. Perhaps you could ask people to send in their worst date stories or most unusual wedding photos. Put them to the public vote and give away a tangible prize to the winner.

5. Advertise On Social Media

Time your Facebook ad to hit pages on the Valentine’s weekend and you could be onto a winner- especially if you get the image right. Link your advert to a special landing page with a limited offer coupon code for a discount on your product. Whilst you might think that this will only work for teddy bears and chocolates, it will actually work for a ton of things including jewellery, electricals, beauty products, hair and even cars!

6. Organize A Valentine’s Event

If you have a physical business then you could organise a Valentine’s event for your customers. Remember to use live video streaming, regular Twitter updates and Facebook photos to create virality and encourage more people to join you. Encourage attendees to checkin or use your event hashtag to create online virality and to post their own photos to your pages.

I hope you enjoyed reading 6 quick Valentines ideas for your social media networks. Are you running a special campaign? Tweet me @Charli_Says and tell me about it.

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